Over recent years we see a global up trend in insurance scams and false claims, particularly involving motorists. It is not a common event in Ireland yet but looking at global insurance data it may well become more prevalent.

So, what is the scam or game? Basically, it is people reversing into your car and claiming you rear ended them for a medical or a car damage claim or it is pedestrians or cyclists impacting your car and claiming that you hit them again trying to initiate a damage or personal injury claim.

There are some excellent examples of these types of crimes on youtube, some ridiculous, some funny, some very devious – I would suggest you have a look at the following:





The big question is “how do I protect myself against this type of nonsense?”

Thankfully the solution is cheap and accessible, buy yourself a dash cam (front and back view) and install it yourself or get a garage or Halfords to install it for you.

Here a few examples that you might consider,


A little expensive to buy but a well spec’d unit capable of remote viewing – good for businesses.


Good value, lots of features


Cheapest one here, Alexa built in, you can purchase a rear camera for this system.

I would suggest you purchase one for your private car, for peace of mind and as a deterrent to the scammers out there. I am of the opinion that every commercial vehicle in the country should have one installed as a matter of company policy. Small investment cost with the possibility of saving your thousands in insurance costs, a bit of a no brainer.

Let me know you think in the comments guys, I will see you next week for more security related news and features. Stay safe 😊

Published On: August 16th, 2021 / Categories: Information /

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