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I often get asked by new people trying to get a job in security “how do I get a license?”, “where do I start?”.

So, I thought I would give a quick overview of how to get a license and get a job in security.

First, you need to do the required course for your licence. For example, if you want to become a static security guard (banks, offices, data centers) you need to complete the static & retail security course, which is here;


then go to


and follow the details. Please ensure that all your details are correct when submitting forms to the training provider and to the PSA.

Please be careful with training providers because some may apply additional costs as you study with them. We charge one price – the price you see at the start and no additional costs are ever applied. Also, please make sure you are studying an up to date course. Our courses are the latest courses from the Security Institute of Ireland. The course 4N1118 will soon be removed as a core course.

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