It is hard to believe that we are at the end of October again and we will celebrate Halloween next weekend. While I am a great fan of Halloween, there are a few considerations we should be aware of at this time of year from a security and safety point of view;

Light up your homes, the evenings are now darker. The best money you can spend on security and safety is to improve lighting inside and on the perimeter of your home.

On Halloween night, you may have people trick n treating calling to your home, if you are going to hand out items to children, please ensure that you have your supplies at your front door to hand out. Never open your door and then go looking for treats, as you leave your home wide open with no access control.

Secure your pets, if you own dogs and/ or cats, please keep them inside over the nights around Halloween as there may be a lot of fireworks going off outside that frighten pets.

Fireworks are illegal in Ireland (bar you have a permit), if you must handle them, please do so with extreme care and follow best practices laid down in the following publications;

As always, if you have small children going out to trick and treat, they should be always accompanied by a responsible adult.

There is some excellent advice here for children and Halloween, well worth a read,

Enjoy the Halloween, have fun and be safe.

Published On: October 26th, 2021 / Categories: Information /

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