One of the first things we teach new security guards in the industry is ‘Access control’, this basic principle is that we never let someone past a given point until we can confirm that they have access to that area and are expected at that time and date. Access control is all about protecting sensitive areas of companies and businesses, we know it is a key protection point!

We should apply the same rigorous process to our homes, as residents we must always ensure that those, we let past our front door are who they say they are and that their presence in our homes is a necessity.

So, what points should we consider in relation to access control at home?

  • Never let anyone into your home that is unknown and arrives unannounced.
  • Any contractors or service staff that require access to your home must have an appointment to visit and you must confirm their ID with the company before granting access.
  • All contractors/ service staff should be supervised while in your home.
  • Never, allow yourself to be drawn out of your home by someone/ something and leave your front door unlocked/ opened, even for a short time.

In regards to basic security hardware and front doors:

  • We must always ensure that the door is of heavy construction and durable (attack resistant)
  • Has good strong hinges, that are correctly fitted and affixed
  • A durable night latch (British standard 3621)
  • A 5-lever mortice lock (for wooden doors), A multi-point locking system for uPVC
  • Some type of chain/ limiter (so you can open the door a little)
  • Ensure your front and back door areas are well illuminated
  • Ideally, have a doorbell camera, you can speak to callers before opening the door

There has been a significant rise in distraction type burglaries in Ireland in recent years, we must be aware of this type of crime, so we are not taken in by it. Never let someone into your home that arrives unexpectantly, no matter how good their cover story is and always remember if you are at the front door having a long conversation with some stranger, there is a possibility someone is breaking into the back of your house, when you are distracted.

The Garda crime prevention unit provides some relevant information, which can be found here;

Stay safe guys,


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