The Irish private security industry has been plagued over the years with a bad reputation of low pay, poor conditions, long hours, and management issues. This has put many people off joining the sector either in a full time or part time role in static or doors security. I would like to tell you that all problems have been resolved over the years but that would not be completely true.

However, there are now some good opportunities in the sector, and I am going to highlight them, then you can make a better decision if you are considering joining the security industry.

  • With an end in sight of COVID, there is an increased demand for door staff to work pubs, clubs, and venues. A lot of people left this sector and moved to something else during the pandemic. A lack of staff produces a better rate for those in the space.
  • There has always been a demand by security companies for part time static weekend staff in various industrial and commercial premises. A lot of these assignments are quiet on the weekend, usually comfortable office/ reception duties. The rates can be OK, this type of duty may suit a more mature person.
  • Specialised static jobs are becoming more common, high technology & premium sites that require a better class of officer pay premium rates, sometimes up to € 15.00/ Hr. for a standard officer and of course more for supervisors.
  • At the top end of operations, there are regularly jobs for operations supervisors, emergency response drivers, SOC officers and controllers, the industry finds it hard to fill these jobs and the rates can be quite good as well as added benefits.
  • Finally, there is a constant demand for security managers and operations managers to run control centres, data centres and various large sites. Well trained and experienced individuals can apply for these types of posts and the salaries have improved greatly over the years.

The final word, there are some great opportunities for upward progression within the Irish private security industry for individuals who are prepared to work hard, undertake training, and conduct themselves in a professional manner. Going forward with an employment squeeze I can only see salaries and rates increasing for professional staff at both operational and management levels.

So maybe this is your opportunity to get involved in a new exciting career within the sector, it is certainly worth consideration.

Published On: February 8th, 2022 / Categories: Information /

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