The changing face of a changing industry.

I received an email during the week from someone looking to undertake a static and retail course in security to gain his PSA license. We were chatting on a video call and he remarked that our course seems to be bigger than other courses available in Ireland at the moment. He also asked me why the courses change and what is the best course available at the moment from an operational perspective? Very good questions all around, I thought I would share my ideas with you about both matters.

It goes without saying, everything changes in modern life in Ireland including the security industry. Our clients change, the type of work we carry out for them changes and needless to say technology and risks change. Therefore, it is very important that our courses change to reflect these modern times. We at Samurai Services (Ireland)  in conjunction with our training partner and provider, the Security Institute of Ireland ( realize this and are proud to be at the forefront of security training evolution.

So, what does this mean in practical terms? Criminal and civil  law in Ireland has changed over the past number of years and both our courses (SRSCE20 and DESC20) reflect those changes. A lot of new material is now included that was not available in the old courses, including but not limited to:

  • Security officer safety and wellbeing
  • Personal and professional development
  • Teamwork principles
  • Courts and the courts system
  • Equality & discrimination
  • Data protection
  • Conflict management
  • Terrorist and extremist threats

A lot of material from the old static course (4N1118) has been completely updated to reflect theory and application for the modern security officer. In my opinion the new training syllabus will help new officers become much more professional in their duties and give them a much broader understanding of both the security industry and indeed themselves.

I am delighted to see the Security Institute of Ireland publish such a well thought out course, which reflects modern times and practices and I am delighted to be able to offer this course in it’s new online form.

A course which is fast becoming the standard for employers and those in the know.

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